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Building an Inclusive Church

Unity Is Our Polar Star

As Disciples, we struggle and work hard each and every day to grapple with the social and cultural issues of our time. We desire to break down walls that divide and keep people apart. We desire to be in connection with strangers and friends. We are seeking ways to be pro-reconciling and anti-racist in what we say and how we act. We embrace the full expressions of humanity and see the value of each person. We long for Christian unity and desire to work alongside our brothers and sisters of other denominations. We believe that God calls us to be inclusive so everyone can find a niche in this world and ministry. First Christian Church is such a place.

If you have been hurt, rejected, abused, or ignored in other churches at one time or another.  We hope you will find healing, acceptance, grace, and affirmation here as many others have. We cannot guarantee we are the best fit for you and we will help you find the right place so that you can continue our faith journey. We can promise you, we are continually reflecting upon and improving how we reflect the love of God to you.

Unity is not easy to create and maintain. For unity to work, we must be willing to sacrifice, to risk, and to develop relationships that are meaningful and uplifting. If you are such a person who will sacrifice, risk, and want to develop authentic relationships, we would love for you to discover your new church home with us.

Where do we stand on women and LGBTQ+ worshipping and serving in our church?

We believe God calls both women and men to serve in all areas of the church, from the ordination of clergy to eldership to deacons, etc. Our gender and sexual orientations are not limiting factors in sharing the Good News, practicing our faith faithfully, and inviting others to journey with us. We are not officially an Open and Affirming church, at this time. However, we do practice an open table. Every member of this church is invited to share their gifts and talents for ministry.

Pastor Brian believes every human being is created in the image of God, our gender and sexual expressions are God-gifted, and we must struggle with and affirm our differences while maintaining the dignity of each human being. While he holds these beliefs, he also recognizes others who do not share them and still welcomes them. We each must find our own way, with each other, to live our faith and form our personal beliefs.

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